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“Sal La Rocca Released by Music Plus Loin Sal La Rocca was born in 1961 in the Liege region. After a rock on the guitar, he learned the bass mainly self-taught at the age of 23. From the 80, it also accompanies many famous Belgian musicians (Houben, Pelzer, Pirotton,) and international (Lee Konitz, Steve Grossman, John Thomas, etc …) and festivals through Europe on tour. He participated actively in several projects such as « Franck Vaganée – Mike Del Ferro quartet », the « Bruno Castellucci Stringtet, » the project « Ode for Joe. » He regularly accompanies Nathalie Loriers, and participated in several recordings with N. Loriers, D. Wissels, Ode for Joe. It turns more and more frequently in France with Anne Ducros. ”

Plus Loin Music

“-Interview published: May 21, 2011 Meet Sal La Rocca: Instrument(s): Doubl-bass, electric bass, guitar. Teachers and/or influences? Paul Chambers, Sam Jones, Charles Mingus, Scott LaFaro. I knew I wanted to be a musician when… when i was 12 years old. Your sound and approach to music: As a jazz player I’m more into acoustic music; but I like to mix it with electric or electronic sounds…with caution, of course! Your dream band: I would like to share few notes with George Coleman. What do you think is the most important thing you are contributing musically? To care about the audience, and give what they need without making a fool of myself. CDs you are listening to now: Wayne Shorter, Alegria (Verve). What is in the near future? Benelux tour with Steve Grossman Quintet (2012); World tour and new CD with Vaya Con Dios; recording my own CD in the summer of 2011. If I weren’t a jazz musician, I would be a: a jazz musician!! Sal La Rocca at All About Jazz ”

All About Jazz

“SAL LA ROCCA Sal La Rocca, is one of Belgium’s most in-demand double bassists. He has played alongside Toots, Philip Catherine, Nathalie Loriers and Anne Ducros (in France). Other musicians with whom Sal played : John RUOCCO, Gianni BASSO, Harold LAND, Jack VAN POLL, Kris DEFOORT, Ali RYERSON, Paolo RADONI, Félix SIMTAINE, John ENGELS, Philip CATHERINE, Michel HERR, Guy CABAY, André CECCARELLI, Mourad BENHAMOU, David LINX, Deborah BROWN, Sheila JORDAN, Mark MURPHY, Steve GROSSMAN, Ch. HIRSON, Bert JORIS, Jiggs WIGHAM, Dave TURNER, Michel GRAILLIER, Salvatore BONAFEDE, Stéphane BELMONDO, Lee KONITZ, Gordon BECK, Anne DUCROS, Olivier HUTMAN, Stanley JORDAN, Randy BRECKER, Bob FRANCESCHINI, Richie BEIRACH, Scott HAMILTON, Didier LOCKWOOD, Tony LAKATOS, Bobby DURHAM, Dani KLEIN, Jacques SCHWARZ-BART, William LECOMTE, Emanuele CISI… ”

Christiane Gillaerts – Igloo-records

“Latinea -Sal La Rocca Already a recognised sideman, Sal La Rocca has brought together a few long-standing friends in a surprising quintet: the Sal La Rocca quintet, featuring Bruno Castellucci, Jacques Pirotton, Peter Hertmans and Kris Goessens. The fruit of this encounter is the first album « Latinea ». Sal La Rocca offers us new original compositions that are both colourful and generous, dipping us in an environment in which jazz is king. From his wide experience, Sal gave the record a cohesive group sound. Each musician finds room enough to express himself, with the various voices combining in a surprising result. ”


viaSal La Rocca :: Press – ReverbNation.


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