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Artist Bio


– After a stint with rock playing guitar, at age 23, Sal LA ROCCA discovers jazz in the early 80’s and switches to double bass which he intensively explores on his own, taking as a model Paul CHAMBERS.

– It is aside Jacques PELZER that he meets and plays with Jon EARDLEY.

– 1986, he works with French pianist Michel GRAILLIER (Fr.)and American drummer Leo MITCHELL (US).

Steve GROSSMAN (t.sax) hires him, together with Georges BROWN (drs), in 1987, for a tour in the Benelux and south of France, to appear in the major Festivals.

– In 1988, he is hired for a 6 weeks tour in Singapore as a member of the Steve HOUBEN (a.sax) band, with Jacques PIROTTON (gt) and Rick HOLLANDER (drs) to play at the « jazz club » there.
That same year he tours Germany with John THOMAS (gt),us.

– Sal is invited to replace Riccardo DEL FRA (bass) within an international quintet with Ack VAN ROOYEN (tp), at the Montreux festival playing with the Mikesch VAN GRUMMER (p) quintet, Christopher HIRSON

– In 1990, he plays with Sal NISTICO (t.sax), Jacques PELZER (a.sax) and Mal WALDRON (p) at Gouvy jazz festival.

– In 1991, member of « Raffaela RENZULLI (voc.) Ensemble » with Charlie MARIANO (a.sax).

– 1994, tours with Pierre VAIANA (s.sax), Salvatore BONAFEDE (p) and Dre PALLEMAERTS (drs) as well as with Harold LAND (t.sax), Mike DEL FERRO (p) and Hans VAN OOSTERHOUT (drs).
– Participated in the Liege festival with Dave TURNER (a.sax), Vic VOGEL (p) and Felix SIMTAINE (drs), their appearance was recorded by Belgian television.

– 1995, concerts in France and Belgium with Lee KONITZ (a.sax), Jean-francois PRINS (gt) and Bruno CASTELLUCCI (drs), and a live CD.

– Participation in the Montreal Festival with the trio of Nathalie LORIERS (p).

– 96, a week tour in Syria and Jordan, with Nathalie LORIERS Trio at the occasion of the 1st Euro-Arab jazz festival « Jazz Caravan ’96 », followed with a tour, with Lee KONITZ (a.sax), Bruno CASTELLUCCI (drs) JF PRINS (gt) and Judy NIEMACK (voc.) in Corsica.

– He joins the Bruno CASTELLUCCI Stringtet with Erwin VANN (t.sax), Michel HERR or Eric LEGNINI (p) and a string quartet. (1 CD)

– 97 With Nathalie LORIERS Trio in Quebec, with Philip CATHERINE as guest, with Ivan PADUART (p) Quartet, guest Toots THIELEMANS,

– 1999, live CD with Toots THIELEMANS (Palais des Congres)

– 2000, Irland, Romania, Benelux…. with,
Toots THIELEMANS « quartet »

– 2001, CD recording with Anne Ducros (voc.) « quintet » with Gordon BECK (p) Didier LOCKWOOD (v., tp.) – Bruno CASTELLUCCI (dr)

– 2002-2003, Benelux tour with : Steve HOUBEN (a.s.) / Gordon BECK (p).

– 2003 : Few concerts with Philip CATHERINE « trio »


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